Peaceful Place Montessori

Our Curriculum



Beginning with simple matching and ending with grammar our language program creates joy and love for reading and writing!



Through concrete and practical application we provide the child with a strong understanding of the four basic math operations and begin a foundation for more complicated equations.



By studying the planet Earth we become global citizens, fostering a broader world view and building a more compassionate understanding of our planet.



We introduce the history of our region, country, and planet while taking into consideration the child's emotional sensitivity.  This gives the child a chance to discover their place in time and learn from those who came before us.


Earth Science & Geology

Learning how our surroundings were formed and created allows the child to tap into the landscape in a more meaningful way and stokes the fires of exploration. 



Through our in depth regional study of animals we delve deeper into the nature of ourselves and the world around us.



Together we discover the wonder and joy of plants and trees creating a green thumb that lasts a lifetime.



The study of the universe provides the child with a chance to understand the humble nature of humanity and discover the wonders of outer space. 


Sensorial Development

Using the Montessori sensorial materials we develop the child's senses creating a higher awareness of their surroundings.


Practical Life Skills

Broken into three categories(care of self, care of the environment, and grace and courtesy) practical life exercises create hearty self confident students who find joy in simple everyday tasks. 

Typical Daily Schedule 

9:00 - Arrival

9:30 - Morning Meeting

9:45 - Worktime and Snack

11:30 - Lunch

12:15 - Outside Time

1:00 - Pickup