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Peaceful Place Montessori Mission Statement


We believe that children require and deserve a peaceful place to learn and grow.


We honor and protect the unique spirit and innate gifts within each child.


We recognize the diverse needs and skill levels of each child and strive to meet them academically and emotionally where they are.


We trust the child’s natural ability to determine and develop their interests and goals at their own pace.


We create an environment that is homey, aesthetically pleasing, and contains self guided educational materials that allow the child to make discoveries and come to conclusions on their own better reinforcing the ideas presented.


We provide the children with a curriculum that is rich, diverse, and presented thoughtfully.


We allow the children the opportunity to care for their environment and themselves independently while we observe and support them building self-confidence and pride in their work.


We give each child a chance to mentor and be mentored by providing a mixed age environment.


We teach the child to recognize and regulate their emotions while navigating social interactions within the classroom, at home, and in their community.


We continue to educate ourselves and our parent group so that we as adults may better care for our children together.







Curriculum Overview

“Our care of the children should not be governed by the desire to ‘make them learn things’ but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence.” – Dr. Maria Montessori


At Peaceful Place Montessori we believe that access to information, and meaningful experience is essential for fostering a lifelong love of learning. By studying the world around us the child gains a broader understanding of the enormous scope of our reality.


Our curriculum is comprised of 10 key subjects:

Language,  Math,  Geography,  History,  Earth Science and Geology,  Zoology,  Botany,  Astronomy,  Sensorial Development,  and Practical Life Skills

Please refer to the subject descriptions below on the following page.

Though this may seem like challenging material for young children, we learn from Dr. Montessori that the absorbent mind of children ages 0-6 is the time when critical learning and development are achieved.  During these few precious years the child will form the base for all potential knowledge to come.  We aim to create an environment that promotes clear understanding of these complex ideas through age appropriate lessons and work.

We use Montessori educational materials, handmade materials, the classroom itself, and our neighborhood to provide a hands on learning approach that is scientifically backed and historically successful. 

Each subject is enriched and infused with art, dance, and music to create a joyful and fun learning environment that the children will thrive within.  We also look to great artists and musicians of the past for inspiration

Each month’s curriculum is tailored to the student’s interests within the subject matter and we encourage our teachers to give lessons on subjects that they are passionate about to spark interest and fire within the child.

Our teachers stay active in the education and Montessori communities so they may continue to bring fresh new ideas and techniques into the classroom.

We strive to teach environmental and social responsibility by providing a low waste environment, promoting and participating in volunteerism, and contributing individually within the classroom.









Peaceful Place Montessori’s Ten Subjects Explained


Language:  Beginning with simple matching and ending with grammar our language program creates joy and love for reading and writing!


Math: Through concrete and practical application, we provide the child with a strong understanding of the four basic math operations and a solid foundation for more complicated equations.


Geography: By studying the planet Earth we become global citizens Fostering a broader world-view and building a more compassionate understanding of our planet.


History: We introduce the history of our region, country, and planet while taking into consideration the child’s emotional sensitivity.  This gives the child a chance to discover their place in time and learn from those who came before us. 


Earth Science and Geology:  Learning how our surroundings were formed and created lets the child tap into the landscape in a more meaningful way and stokes the fires of exploration.


Zoology:  Through our in depth regional study of animals we delve deeper into the nature of ourselves and the world around us.


Botany: Together we discover the wonder and joy of plants and trees creating a green thumb that will last a lifetime.


Astronomy: The study of the universe provides the child with a chance to understand the humble nature of humanity and discover the wonders of outer space.


Sensorial Development: Using the Montessori Sensorial materials we develop the child’s senses creating a higher awareness of their surroundings.


Practical Life: Broken into three categories (Care of Self, Care of the Environment, and Grace and Courtesy) Practical life exercises create hearty, self confident students who find joy in simple everyday tasks.

About Montessori

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Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician,educator,author,theorist, and political activist who lived from 1870-1952. She became Italy's first female doctor in 1896. After graduating medical school she advocated for women's rights and the rights of child laborers. She opened her first Children's House in the San Lorenzo Slum of Rome in 1907. She formed her pedagogical theories through the careful study and observation of children.  Her method recognizes the human potential that lies within each child and helps that potential to grow.  She believed that respect for the child was of utmost importance. Therefore the school should be beautiful, and the children should be allowed to move about and care for the space and themselves freely.  The teacher,or directress, should 'help the children help themselves'. Her primary goal should be to observe and support the children as they follow their biological drive to absorb information. Dr. Montessori also developed a series of didactic materials that allowed the children to teach themselves.  These educational materials made presenting complex concepts to young children possible because the child was allowed to make spontaneous discoveries through concrete means. Learning in this way allows the human mind to absorb information most successfully. Dr. Montessori went on to write many books, and lecture to audiences of thousands.  She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times for her work surrounding Peace in Education. Dr. Montessori was an outspoken advocate for world peace, and believed that it was only through the education of young children that the world would find lasting peace.  Peaceful Place Montessori aims to to take the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori and apply them throughout our classroom and curriculum.  By doing so we hope to create students that will one day make our community and the world a more peaceful place.


About Erika


Erika Nicole Locatelli is an Idaho native who has been a teacher and caregiver for children ages 0-6 in Seattle for 15 years.  She is a MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) accredited Montessori Early Childhood Education Teacher.  MACTE is the only Montessori accreditation recognized by the United States Department of Education.   It has been Erika's dream for many years to open her own school, and share her passion for teaching and education with the community. This dream will become a reality with the opening of Peaceful Place Montessori in the fall of 2017. 


Our School



We are pleased to announce the location of our school at 1114 29th Avenue in Madrona.  It is a beautiful sunny home with a large backyard, and it is just three blocks from Madrona Playground.  The school will be the entire top floor of the home.



  Erika LOcatelli




INformation and Tuition

Peaceful Place Montessori will serve children as young as 3 years of age , and continue through Pre-kindergarten.  Our challenging and engaging program will ensure that your child is ready for kindergarten! Our mixed age program also allows your child to remain in the school with their teacher for several years avoiding unnecessary transitions.

Our schedule will be Monday through Thursday from 9am to 1pm.  We will follow the Seattle school district calendar, and take summers off.  We will host camps throughout the summer to keep your child busy during those summer months!

We will offer either a three or four day program depending on your child's age and readiness. Our tuition is annual, but can be broken into ten payments. 

Three Days : $8,000 annually /$800 per month

Four Days : $10,000 annually / $1,000 per month



Organic Whole Food Snacks

Bi-monthly Field Trips

Weekly piano lesson on site

Weekly dance lesson on site

Weekly Spanish lesson on site

Financial aid available on a very limited basis for our first year, but we hope to include more financial aid and scholorships in our program goals! Please email Erika for information on applying for aid.